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SMD3528 120LEDs/m LED Flexible Strip
(High Output SMD3528 LED Flexible Strip)


Parameters of SMD3528 120LEDs/m LED Flexible Strip: 


Model No. Color Length LED Q'ty LED Type Beam Angle Voltage Power
EST-S3528-12-120-R** Red 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W
EST-S3528-12-120-Y** Yellow 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W
EST-S3528-12-120-B** Blue 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W
EST-S3528-12-120-G** Green 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W
EST-S3528-12-120-W** White 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W
EST-S3528-12-120-WW** WW 5m 600 SMD3528 120 12V DC 48W

Note: ** stand for IP grade, such as 20, 65, 68.


Applications of SMD3528 120LEDs/m LED Flexible Strips:

1. Our SMD3528 LED flexible strips are particulary suitable for to be used as marine light and task lighting for their high light output.
2. Similar with other kinds of flexible LED strips, SMD3528 LED flexible stirps can also be used as cove lighting or decorative lights for canopy, corridor, archway and so on.
2. Can be used as backlight or edge lighting for signage.
4. Characterized with high light output and low working voltage (12V DC), our high output LED flexible strips can also be used to replace fluorescent lights.
5. DIY lights and decorative lights for festivals, parties and so on.
6. Path and contour marking.


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