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2.4G RF Wireless Touch RGB LED Bulb Series


Product Features

1. Replaced RGB LED. Use the matched remote controller to realize the wireless controlling. Owning 640 thousand colors and 20 automatical changing modes to choose. Also, it has the memory function(that is to say, the previous settings will be resumed when power on again).

2. No extra wiring installation, simple and convenient. Adopting imported led, and the power consumption of LED bulbs is 20% of the traditional incandescent lamp. The life span of LED bulbs is over 10 times longer than the fluorescent lamp. Easy to install, use. Safe and stable.

3. The forging and stamping aluminum lamp body, to the maximum extent, successfully solves the heat sink trouble by air backflow with increasing more fins. Cover of led bulb is made of PC and nanometer coolant, light transmittance over 85%, light transmitting evenly.

4. With the technology of the 2.4G high frequency wireless remote control, it has the the characteristics of low power consumption, long distance transmission, and strong anti-interference ability, high speed telecommunications, etc.

5. The remote looks fashionable and elegant, with simple and practical functions of color changing and brightness dimming, the capacitive touch screen design makes the remote easy to use.

6. LED bulbs with lamp base E26/ E27/ B22(optional) are widely used in KTV, bar, etc.


Technical Parameters

Model No.: EST-10

Input Voltage: 86-265V/ 50-60Hz

LED Power: 6W

Rated Power: 7.5W

LED Quantity: Red (5PCS) / Green (5PCS) / Blue (5PCS)

Luminous Flux: Red (625-630nm) / Green (520-525nm) / Blue (447-452nm)



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