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Flexible LED Strip Light
Publisher:admin Date:2012-09-04 00:37:43

The flexible led stripe light adopts very soft PCB as substrates, high brightness leds as luminous boby, Lighting Angle > 120 degrees, longer lifespan >50.000hrs, luminous boby evenly distributed in the PCB facade and very Fiber thin small. The flexible led stripe light is every three star LED a loop, because of the good mechanical properties' flexible circuit board (PCB board) make LED stripe light random bending, and using can random cut along the tangent of PCB, with import 3M glue on the back used for pasting. The LED stripe light not only can optional bending, but also optional fixed on the uneven surface. There are red, yellow, blue, green, white and so on many kinds of light color for choices, and RGB led stripe light glow with controller using can send out the various glaring light effect. So choosing Complete function, high efficient and low LED chips connect with circuit board can effectively outspread lamp tape controllable length, and create colorful light tape world.


Flexible led stripe light is widely applied in Building body contour, steps, exhibition stand, Bridges, hotel, KTV etc places as decorative lighting. There are two kinds: waterproof led stripe lgiht and no-waterproof(SMD3528/5050 no-waterproof flexible led strip light, SMD3528/5050 surface waterproof stripe light, SMD3528/5050 casing waterproof flexible lamp, SMD3528/5050 heat shrinkable casing waterproof LED stripe light ), using low voltage DC power, safe and convenient.


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